I Feel Better Now, She Gets Us

Up until now I had been concerned about John McCain’s choice for VP, Sarah Palin. You know that whole small town mayor turned small state Governor thing. But apparently we need not worry about trivial things like experience and national security because she gets us.

Who cares that by her own admission, “she been so focused on state government that she hasn’t really focused much on the war in Iraq”. She at least understands our need to own guns being an avid hunter and life member of the NRA.

Who cares that in a recent interview she admitted that she had no idea what a Vice President does all day. At least she has popped out 5 puppies and can understand the plight of the soccer mom.

Who cares that the person that would be next in line for the Presidency if something happens to John McCain can only claim being the Governor for 19 months of a state in close proximity to Russia as international relations experience. At least she’s not a Washington insider.

We all know her lack of experience isn’t the same issue as Barack Obama’s because she is only the VP candidate and not the Presidential candidate. Who cares that the #1 on the ticket is a 72 year old 2 time cancer survivor that refuses to release his medical records. At least she is pro-life.

We all know that she will bring all those disgruntled Hillary supporters to the McCain camp because of course Hillary is so pro-life and anti-GLBT rights and so conservative that moving over to McCain now will be so much easier with Palin on the ticket. (Ok maybe that was too much of a stretch but some folks actually believe that)

You see, I was worried for no reason at all…she gets me.

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