Sioux Falls School Board Accepts Responsibility

Despite what some are saying, the Sioux Falls school board has rightly apologized for distributing a school directory containing an ad for the pro-life Alpha Center against their own policies.

“We would … like to apologize for this lapse. We will do better work in the future,” said Darin Daby, president of the board.

The ad, purchased by the Alpha Center, is included in a directory the public schools began distributing last week. The school district supplied the news text for the directory. The Shopping News sold the advertising and published the directory before sending copies to the
schools for free distribution. The Shopping News printed 30,000 copies under an arrangement in place since 1993.

This isn’t about the pro-life/pro-choice argument, this is about the school system staying out of political issues of which this just so happens to be one of the most divisive.

The fact that they distribute it means that they should know what is in it and in fact their own policies say as much and to try and deflect this by contending that they have no control means that there is a problem with Superintendent Dr. Pam Homan’s leadership.

If the Shopping News wants to sell ads to the Alpha Center, put it in their regularly distributed issues and keep it out of the schools.

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