Obama Picks Running Mate

The message that liberals and bloggers have been waiting for with baited breath for days has finally come, at 3:22 this morning?. According to sources close to me (Twitter/TweetDeck) Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden to be the 2nd line on the ticket in November.

More to come for sure but what is your initial reaction? Why the middle of the night annoucement?

UPDATE: By the way, I never got the text message or the email announcing the choice, at least not yet. I guess the new technology thing that Obama has embraced still has a few bugs to be worked out.

Also, after a few minutes thinking this over I am not sure this choice does much for me. Does Obama, the so called candidate of change, need a 30 year Washington insider with a penchant for saying stupid things as a running mate?. Don’t we already have that on the Republican ticket?

At least now Obama can probably put Delaware in the win column…

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