Move Over McDonalds

It looks like McDonalds has company in the sights of one of the several homophobic groups preaching intolerance in the US. This time the group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (somehow I doubt much truth is coming from these folks) is mad as hell at Hallmark for having the audacity to produce cards celebrating gay marriage. The head homophobe even sent them a sternly worded letter telling them he will not be buying any cards from them until they stop.

Meanwhile A Williams Institute study estimates that more than 85,000 same sex couples in the U.S. have entered into a legal relationship since 1997 so let’s see, Hallmark can either tap into this market that just exploded with California’s new law or they can appease the homophobes. McDonalds chose to throw it back in their faces by taking out a half page ad in a gay publication celebrating their diversity, I wonder which one Hallmark will choose?

UPDATE: Well no surprise here. The American Family Association, the group behind the McDonalds boycott among others, has gotten involved and announced that they will be leading a boycott of Hallmark as well. This could be a good thing for Hallmark though as during the 9 years that the AFA boycotted Disney, they saw record profits.

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