Pick The Veep: McCain/Giuliani?

This time of the election cycle is always fun. Speculating on who will be chosen as a candidate’s VP seems to be one step above picking Superbowl winners in August. Someone over at the National Review is chiming in on the latest popular prediction from emailer’s to their site.

So many e-mailers this morning are predicting that the McCain trial balloon is really about Giuliani. I’m not there, but here’s one:

I don’t think it’s being floated for Liebermann or Ridge.
I think he’s considering Giuliani.
– Might put NY in enough play to make Obama spend a lot of money there.
– Has name recognition and gets plenty of respect on law enforcement/national security
– Might be more palatable to pro-lifers if he were to make clear that it’s McCain’s pro-life administration

The McCain campaign has already hired a Giuliani staffer as the unnamed veep’s communications director…

Boy wouldn’t that get the Religious Right’s juices flowing? Divorced, abortion neutral Giuliani running alongside McCain, whom can’t even pander himself into their good graces. A GOP ticket for the ages if there ever was one.

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