Quick Hits Friday

My paying gig has me jumping through hoops in Rapid City today so posting will be light but here are a few items that caught my eye from the RSS reader this afternoon.

#dontgo (there) – I have written a few times on the GOP House “Drill here, drill now” stunt going on during the August recess and it seems at least one of the participants (Idaho Republican Bill Sali) has his own ideas on how to solve our oil shortages, extract those forty barrels of oil hiding in each and every tree. Are our national forests next on his drilling list?

More McCain halfsheimers? – John McCain sees the current Georgia – Russia conflict as the first serious crisis since the end of the cold war. Of course that would not be counting the comments he made about the Iraq war being the first major conflict since 9/11 or maybe that little saber rattling that happened in Iraq in 1990/91…

In the “Say What?” category – ABC is looking for “Cornhole Fanatics” to participate in their popular reality show “Wife Swap”. For some reason, something about cornhole and wife swap just didn’t seem to fit very well in the same sentence .

George Bush Hypocrisy? – Does the man that is in the middle of his own invasion of a sovereign nation have any credibility when calling out Russia for doing the same thing? Sorry George, I think that boat has long since sailed.

McCain and the RIAA – While the RIAA is spending their legal budget prosecuting soccer mom’s for music sharing, the artists are going on the offensive themselves. Jackson Browne has just filed suit against the McCain campaign for using his “Running on Empty” in an Obama hit ad without his permission. It seems that Browne, whom is an Obama donor, wasn’t too amused by his song being used to attack Obama and he joins ABBA and John Cougar on the list recording artists that have told the McCain camp to cease using their music without permission.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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