McGovern Gets Thrown Under The Bus

For Throwing Unions Under The Bus.

Former Senator and Presidential candidate from South Dakota George McGovern penned what some would consider a less than union friendly op-ed for the Murdoch Street Journal that has the pro-union Democrats seeing Wal-mart blue.

Well, in case you were wondering why McGovern decided to go off the deep end on the employee Free Choice Act, it turns out he’s already been swimming in it for some time.

It’s safe to say George McGovern is a patsy for anti-union lobbyist Rick Berman, the leader of a $30 million front group interfering in key Senate and House races this cycle.

McGovern sits on the board of FirstJobs, another pro-business Berman front group, alongside the likes of Bush Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens, the editorial page director of the Washington Times, and the head of Sam’s Club.

He is from the somewhat union unfriendly South Dakota so what do you expect?

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