Quick Hits Lucky Day Edition

Today is 08-08-08 which is considered about as lucky as it can get if you are a believer in Chinese numerology so if today is your wedding day, congratulations and good luck. With that said, here is some linkage for items that I have come across the past couple of days.

Planning to fly this Christmas? – Internal airline memos reveal that the busiest travel season of the year will be a bit more hectic as airlines plan on offering 60 million fewer seats for the upcoming Oct-Dec holiday season worldwide with 20 million of those seats being cut from US routes.

More Hess funny business? – I mentioned a few days ago the interesting fundraising cash infusion the McCain campaign received from various members of the Hess family and their oil company soon after his change of heart in regards to offshore drilling. The Hess Oil company and McCain campaign apparently have another connection as word is coming out that 2 high ranking McCain officials are fresh off 3 year stints as lobbyists for, you guessed it, a firm that Hess paid $800,000 to for lobbying services.

Ron Suskind has a new book coming out called The Way of the World and to say that it isn’t flattering to the Bush Adminstration would be an understatement.  – So Nancy, it appears we have more non-proof of criminal activity perpetrated by the current administration that you can use for reasons not to hold impeachment hearings.

Oh and while much of the Suskind book adds more fuel to the incidents we mostly knew about, one new tidbit is being reported. It seems the current administration’s love for torture interrogation has migrated into the White House building itself. They have their own interrogation room in the White House basement that they have already put to good use.

Speaking of Nancy as in Nancy Pelosi – Why is it she is being so tough with the GOP over offshore drilling but had little problem bending over backwards to allow the capituation vote on FISA? Heck it only involved giving away our Constitutional rights.

Finally, local blogger Jennifer from “In The Shelter Of Your Heart” wanted me to pass along a note about the Rally to Resue event being held at the Sioux Falls Pet Smart tomorrow from 10am to 5pm. The event seeks to inform folks about animal rescues and shelters in eastern South Dakota so if you are interested please consider attending and if you want more information head over to Jennifer’s blog.

Anything else caught your eye lately?

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