Randell Beck Promoted

So you write what some would consider a libelous column, you and your boss get sued for it. You rag on blogs and bloggers after they expose your organization’s somewhat questionable allegiances saying the blogs are places where the views of the ‘pinheaded’ on the ‘political fringes’ with ‘nutty opinions’ can ’spew forth.’” and then start your own blog. What’s next?

If you work for Gannett, you are given the keys to the building.

Randell Beck, executive editor of the Argus Leader for the past seven years, was named Wednesday as publisher and president of the media company.

Beck replaces Arnold Garson, who is taking over as publisher and president of the Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal.

“I’m very excited, both professionally and personally,” Beck, 54, said. “I’ve learned over seven years, both living in Sioux Falls and working at Argus Leader Media, that this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The chance to stay here in an expanded role, a different kind of role, really is sort of a dream.”

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