Blame The Dead Guy

I have worked for several different employers in my lifetime and even noticed this while in the Navy in regards to those that had recently transfered out of a particular duty station. When something happens in which your bosses are looking to lay blame, the fall guy often becomes the guy that just left. I’m not saying that it ever really worked but what the heck, he probably doesn’t care because he has already moved on to greener pastures and even if he would have cared, he is not around to defend himself.

Our Justice Department is using a similar tactic in regards to the 2001 Anthrax attack against Tom Daschle and others that killed 5 people. Blame the dead guy.

They have spent the last 7 years spinning their wheels on the investigation, never being able to get enough evidence to arrest anyone and then all of a sudden, a mentally unstable guy that had access to the liquid form of the strain apparently used commits suicide and the case miraculously becomes solved?

I don’t want to give too much credence to Gerald Posner who has a bit of a reputation himself but he has brought up quite a few questions that the DOJ has not answered (watch the video) during 2 consecutive appearances on Olbermann and they doubtfully ever will.

Like, how the liquid anthrax that Dr. Bruce Ivins had access to was transformed into weapons grade powdered anthrax suitable for the mail attacks? And how was such a mentally unstable man with such a questionable psychological profile as the DOJ claims that Ivins had, able to get a job at a top secret bio-weapons facility? No wonder Daschle has been less than complimentary in his comments on this investigation and is currently not being too talkative about this latest development.

Ivins may well have been involved either by himself as as part of a larger conspiracy but as my dad used to say, “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is” and while this “conspiracy theory” will probably never reach the level of the Kennedy assasination, the DOJ has done a good job of trying to put it on that level.

UPDATE: 8/8/08 – Crooks and Liars details the unanswered questions still out there in this “closed” case.

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