Sunday Linkage

Here are some of the more interesting tidbits I came across during the past few days.

It seems that our horrible economy has some benefits – According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the illegal immigration population has declined by as much as 11% and is partly driven at least by the poor economy. Apparently the recession that doesn’t meet the so-called definition of a recession is making it hard even for illegals to find employment.

Barack Obama isn’t the only one cleaning web sites – A few days after John McCain satirized Barack Obama’s “celebrity” persona by running an ad that included images of “D-Listers” Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, he was busted for scrubbing his own website of references to his celebrity from an earlier appearance on Letterman.

Woman scorned – Missouri state Sen. Chris Koster must have really pissed off his ex-wife. His run for Attorney General is about to get slammed with $187,500 worth of television ads opposed to his candidacy that are being run by a local group called Missourians for Honest Leadership. What is his ex-wife’s involvement? She just so happened to donate $200,000 to that same group.

Airline irony? – Many people were actually gullible enough to believe that because most airlines were now charging extra for checking baggage that their bags would arrive at their destinations at the same time they did. Of course they were wrong.

Clueless on Faux news – Fox talking head Newt Gingrich recently ripped Barack Obama’s comment on how we could save energy by properly inflating our tires.

GINGRICH: He has a position that’s frankly ludicrous. We saw him yesterday. He suggested if we all inflated our tires, that we would solve the problem. Think about it. You ought to take that clip. I think that clip is far more devastating than today because it’s loony toons.

Well guess what Newt, many estimates state that if we all kept our tires inflated to their recommended pressure, we would save 800,000 barrels per day in oil consumption immediately. That just happens to be 4 x’s the 200,000 barrels a day we would see 10 years from now with John McCain’s offshore drilling plan. Doh!

And finally for some local flavor – Argus Leader editor Randell Beck tells us this morning of some lessons he learned during his 7 years as editor with one sticking out prominently. Don’t get too fancy. Gee I wonder what taught him that lesson?

Enjoy your Sunday.

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