More Bad News For South Dakota Gadget Nuts

Being a gadget nut like me in South Dakota isn’t always easy. Having a population as a state smaller than most urban cities means that technology usually passes us by until everyone else has long since adopted and been using it for years. The iPhone is a perfect case in point.

We are one of the few areas that AT&T deems unworthy of providing service to and because of Apple’s exclusive contract with the cell phone provider, we were left to wait until that agreement expired in 2009 for any hope that we could get Apple’s cell phone crown jewel from a provider that actually services South Dakota.

Did I say 2009? Shame on me, or should I say shame on Apple and AT&T.

In an overlooked USA Today article from Friday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and “insider sources” quietly all but confirmed that the company has retained exclusive rights to the iPhone until 2010. The previous exclusivity agreement with Apple had AT&T retaining the rights until 2009. The article implies AT&T managed to negotiate the extension thanks in part to the subsidized $200/$300 iPhone 3G’s it’s eating by the hundreds of thousands right now.

Well at least the now increased to 2 year wait will mean I can renew with my current carrier and not have to worry about any early cancellation fee’s that would have been associated with moving to another provider. Thanks AT&T and Apple!

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