Support The Troops?

Senate Republicans who “pride” themselves on supporting our troops, have filibustered the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009 which among other things would have provided pay raises, improved health care and increased protection from IEDs for our troops. Why would “gang of 10” member John Thune and 37 other Senate Republicans vote against our troops?

1 word, “oil”. These Republicans kept their promise to filibuster any legislation hitting the Senate floor until Democrats allow them to bring drilling for oil in ANWR and offshore to a vote.

You know,

– The same drilling that will take 10 years for the oil to hit the market.
– The same drilling that the Bush Administration even admits would have little or no effect on the price of oil.
– The same drilling in which the oil pumped would likely not even go directly to Americans but would be placed onto the world market where other emerging oil hogs would also reap the minimal benefits.
– That same drilling that will have no environmental impact? (as long as you ignore the 100’s of thousands of gallons spilled during Rita and Katrina)

Oh and the same drilling that John McCain changed his mind on and now supports that conveniently coincided with a sudden windfall in campaign contributions from big oil. McCain was absent from this vote which is the norm these days but I am sure there is no connection with his flip-flop there right?

Nothing like holding our troops hostage for legislation with nothing more than psychological implications for those that still think that offshore drilling is any kind of real answer to our oil crisis.

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