More Irony From McCain

Does anybody else besides me see the irony of having John McCain speak at the Buffalo Chip next Monday at an event to honor veterans when he has one of the poorer veterans issues voting records in the Senate? And considering the somewhat rebellious nature of the Buffalo Chip crowd during Sturgis Rally week, will he be called on his horrible voting record?

Just a reminder for those of you scoring at home:

  1. IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America) – John McCain “D”
  2. Vietnam Veterans Of America (McCain is one of course) – He voted against them 17 out of their last 26 scored votes
  3. DAV (Disabled American Veterans) – John McCain has a 20% rating

Blogmore seems to think that if anything, McCain might get bit nationally by the somewhat notorious reputation of the Buffalo Chip. But if you think about it, can things be much more seedy than McCain’s veteran’s support?

UPDATE 8/4 – It appears that not all veterans in South Dakota on the day that McCain will be at the Chip will be supporting his veterans positions. From the South Dakota Democratic Party via SD Watch:

P.O. Box 1485, Sioux Falls, SD 57101

August 3, 2008


CONTACT: Rick Hauffe, Executive Director

PHONE: (605) 271-5405

South Dakota Veterans Question McCain’s Record
Sturgis, South Dakota—On Monday, August 4, 2008, at 10:00 AM, local veterans will gather at the Freedom Memorial in Sturgis City Park to call on John McCain to abandon his suggestion to ration VA care, and to highlight his unsatisfactory record on veteran’s issues including his votes against funding for service members and veterans and his opposition to the GI Bill.

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