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I am just sitting here enjoying the postings through Twitter from the House floor coming from Texas Republican John Culberson. (ain’t technology great?) You see the Democrats have already left D.C for their 5 week August recess and Culberson and some of his GOP colleagues are grandstanding on the House floor over the lack of voting on oil drilling.

Some of his Tweets:

This is a historic first – conservatives will not go quietly home and neglect our duty to vote to bring down energy prices (link)

Update: now the Dem leadership has shut off lights of the House as GOP Memebers are speaking on the floor debating how we lower gas prices. (link)

We conservatives are still here on the floor speaking to the House gallery and to Twitter demanding we drill here and drill now to pay less. (link)

More conservatives are lining up to speak even though Pelosi and her liberal majority have gone on vacation (link)

He is even offering his Blackberry to others in the House:

The Democratts have left town. But we’ve turned the mics in the House back on to demand a vote on American made energy. John Shadegg Arizona (link)

The hilarity continues as the Democrats have for the 2nd time turned off the lights on the House floor and now the Republican’s have requested a bull horn.

Despite the above documented GOP grandstanding, there has yet to be any answers from Culberson or any of his tweeting buddies about some of the statements I posted earlier including how drilling new holes will not put any oil on to the world market for another 10 years or how any oil we do get will amount to maybe 1-2% of our demand. Also not mentioned is how when it finally does hit the market, most analysts predict a maybe a few penny drop in prices. But they do have their slogan, “drill here, drill now” to fall back on.

Thanks to Todd for turning me on to this Twitter thing.

UPDATE: It is being reported via Rep Pete Hoekstra’s twitter that Nancy Pelosi has taken time out of her busy vacation schedule to inform the Capitol Police to shut things down at 4:30 pm EST

UPDATE 2: It’s over. At 5pm everybody left the chamber yelling USA!, USA!, USA!. And I threw up in my mouth a little just reading about it.

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