Like Clockwork: No Exceptions

It’s time for another GOP convention so it also must be time for the quadrennial no exceptions fest. No rights for gays, no exceptions! No reproductive rights for women, no exceptions! Yada, yada, yada.

So while South Dakota is attempting to pass our annual anti-choice law, this time with rape, incest, and mother’s health exemptions, the GOP will again take it even farther with their usual no-exceptions language written into the party platform. This despite the fact that many would prefer at least some exceptions including the party’s own presumptive nominee.

The Republican Party platform this year will reassert the party’s opposition to abortion. And again it will not allow for exceptions in the cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, even though Senator John McCain, the presumptive presidential nominee, has long called for such exceptions.

It appears that the GOP will follow their SOP which shows that despite the somewhat moderate John McCain’s impending nomination, his choosing an unknown no exceptions pro-life VP and his inability to soften the abortion language means the far right still controls the puppet strings.

But then again, should anyone be surprised?

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Can We Please Just Move On?

The comment the other day by Faux News’ Steve Doocy that Sarah Palin has plenty of national security experience due to her being Governor of a state in close proximity to Russia was bad enough when he said it. So why exactly is Cindy McCain continuing to put forward that same argument and more importantly, does she think that we are that stupid?

Asked about Palin’s national security experience, Cindy McCain could not come up with anything beyond the fact that, after all, her state is right next to Russia — so she surely knows a lot about that country. She added that Palin has “more experience than….” but  Stephanopoulos cut her off before she could say, for example, “Barack Obama” or maybe “others give her credit for.”

And while we are discussing ridiculous talking points, could we please stop mentioning Palin’s time in the PTA when trying to cite reasons for her having the necessary experience to be Commander in Chief?

Earlier, she actually said that Palin was “heavily experienced” in general, citing her going from the PTA to mayor to governor

Believe it or not, while I was born during the day, it wasn’t yesterday.

UPDATE: Further highlighting the ridiculousness of Doocy and McCain’s comments, Gov Palin didn’t even have a passport until 2007 when she got one to travel to see Alaska National Guard troops in Kuwait. So we have a national security guru with a 1 year old passport?

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I honestly don’t know what if anything will come of the so-called troopergate that has folks in Alaska questioning Governor Sarah Palin’s role in the firing of a state trooper (her ex-brother in-law). But you would think that John McCain would have investigated her role in this during the vetting process. Think again

A very reliable source overheard Republican spokesperson McHugh Pierre state TODAY(Aug 29th – BS) that he had spoken to the McCain Campaign. They are coming to Alaska tomorrow to check out the “Troopergate” investigation.

Shoot first and ask questions later? Is this what we have to look forward to?

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Makes You Think

In one of the many shallow and intrusive discussions carried on in one of our local conservative blogs, a post on the ills of euthanasia was going on when one of the commentators said something that struck a strange chord with me.

Suicide is illegal for a reason. It is a symptom nearly all the time of an irrational person (whether caused by medical or emotional reasons) and can be dealt with by medicine, counseling or the passage of time.

I am surely not aware of all laws on the books but is suicide really illegal? And if it is who would they arrest and prosecute? Of course if the person failed they could be arrested but then they wouldn’t be guilty of suicide would they?

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I Feel Better Now, She Gets Us

Up until now I had been concerned about John McCain’s choice for VP, Sarah Palin. You know that whole small town mayor turned small state Governor thing. But apparently we need not worry about trivial things like experience and national security because she gets us.

Who cares that by her own admission, “she been so focused on state government that she hasn’t really focused much on the war in Iraq”. She at least understands our need to own guns being an avid hunter and life member of the NRA.

Who cares that in a recent interview she admitted that she had no idea what a Vice President does all day. At least she has popped out 5 puppies and can understand the plight of the soccer mom.

Who cares that the person that would be next in line for the Presidency if something happens to John McCain can only claim being the Governor for 19 months of a state in close proximity to Russia as international relations experience. At least she’s not a Washington insider.

We all know her lack of experience isn’t the same issue as Barack Obama’s because she is only the VP candidate and not the Presidential candidate. Who cares that the #1 on the ticket is a 72 year old 2 time cancer survivor that refuses to release his medical records. At least she is pro-life.

We all know that she will bring all those disgruntled Hillary supporters to the McCain camp because of course Hillary is so pro-life and anti-GLBT rights and so conservative that moving over to McCain now will be so much easier with Palin on the ticket. (Ok maybe that was too much of a stretch but some folks actually believe that)

You see, I was worried for no reason at all…she gets me.

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You can’t fight logic, especially Faux news logic. Talking head Steve Doocy tries to set all of us straight that think McCain’s choice for VP, Sarah Palin, doesn’t have any foreign policy experience.

But the other thing about her, she does know about international relations because she is right up there in Alaska right next door to Russia

Next thing we will discover is that Palin is a former POW, after all she spent all morning standing next to John McCain and every other word out of his mouth reminds us of the fact that he is one.

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LifeLock Might Have A Few More Customers

I am sure most have seen the TV ad for LifeLock, you know where the company president gives out his social security number to prove the value of buying his identity theft products. It appears that if a ruling by a federal judge in Virginia stands, LifeLock might have a bunch of new folks needing their service.

A federal judge has ruled that the First Amendment protects the right of Virginia privacy activist Betty Ostergren to publish the Social Security numbers of public officials on her website. She posted the numbers to protest the Virginia government’s policy of posting public real estate records online that included people’s Social Security numbers. The decision—and the associated publicity for Ostergren’s website—may prompt Virginia politicians to hurry up and fix their own website.

So how long do you think it will be before Virginia officials update their website to remove the SSN’s from their public records?

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Experience And Palin

Experience, is it over rated?

Prior to being sworn in as the Governor of Alaska a mere 19 months ago, Palin served as the mayor and a city councilor of the small city of Wasilla, which according to 2005 census estimates had a population of 8,471.

Alaska, according to 2006 US Census numbers, has fewer people than South Dakota so to put that into context it would be like picking the former mayor of Huron or Mitchell (they are actually slightly larger I believe) less than 2 years after they took over the Governor’s mansion in Pierre.

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