John McCain: Webster's Definition of Hypocrisy

Soon after I moved my blogging efforts from my old site to this one, I had a few people ask me why I switched. Besides the fact that I felt the definition of a moderate in South Dakota had changed so much it no longer applied to me, my 3 year run digging deeply into the political process had opened my eyes to just how much hypocrisy was being displayed by politicians and that realization gave me a whole new direction to follow. That position was further solidified when something wonderful happened, John McCain won the GOP primary.

Almost daily McCain gives me fodder for the blog, you know the Obama attack ad that blamed him for the high gas prices where one can only intimate that it is because in his mind Congress was to blame which by extension meant that the 2 year Senator from Illinois was also at fault. This claim was made despite the fact that McCain was a member of that same legislative body, FOR 30 YEARS!

And who could forget McCain’s taking credit for the passage of the updated Webb GI Bill. You know the one that he constantly spoke out against, and then decided that he wouldn’t even bother showing up to vote for. There is no hypocrisy there.

And now, McCain’s latest attack on his opponent revolves around Obama canceling his visit last week to a US Army hospital in Germany to visit wounded soldiers. Obama canceled the trip after Army officials said that he shouldn’t visit because it could be politicized and that the former General he had planned to attend with wouldn’t be allowed to accompany him because he was part of the Obama campaign staff.

Admittedly, Obama should have probably went to the hospital in Germany by himself if for anything else just to avoid this whole dust up but what you won’t hear from McCain or his surrogates is that Obama had been to Walter Reed earlier in the week visiting the wounded troops and to make the attack even funnier is the footage of Obama the McCain ad uses to criticize Obama’s commitment to our troops shows Obama playing basketball, with US troops!

And who exactly is more troop friendly anyways? 1 guess and you’d probably be wrong.

UPDATE: McCain: Oops I did it again

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