I Really Wanted To Believe

I mentioned last Friday that I was planning to see “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” over the weekend. I was really looking forward to seeing this as I have been a big fan of the Fox series from the beginning and I figured that the 6 years that has elapsed since the show went off the air would have given the shows creator, Chris Carter, plenty of time to come up with an X-File worthy of the big screen. I was wrong.

I knew almost right away that I was in for a long couple of hours when I saw that they cast Xzibit of “Pimp my Ride” fame as an FBI agent and Mulder dis-believer and the story went down hill from there.

Not wanting to spoil the story for those that still want to see this movie, suffice it to say that the plot, other than possibly the psychic child molesting priest, has no X-File type twists, no alien or government conspiracies, no smoking man type anti-heros and feels more like a 2 hour version of NCIS than an X-File feature film. The Scully sub-plot that involves her trying to cure a terminally ill child just adds more fluff and was almost painful to watch.

I am sure that Carter had plenty of left over ideas floating around in his head after the series ended in 2002, my only question is why did he pick this one?

Some TV show into movie projects should never have been made as they can spoil the memory of the original, Miami Vice comes to mind and this one isn’t much better. If you are an X-Files fan hoping to re-live some of the magic from the series, don’t waste your time and wait till the DVD comes out or better yet just tune into the Sci-Fi channel and watch re-runs of the original series.

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