South Dakota Blognic

Updated below

Yesterday several members of the South Dakota blogosphere gathered at Lake Herman State Park for a little shindig and networking picnic. Along with the good food and good company we had some interesting talk about the future of the “cheetos media” and some ideas for getting our local communities involved.

Todd Epp Tells Us About the Benefits of Twitter

While the turnout was small it was nice to put some faces to the words from many of the blogs I read regularly like Cory from Madville Times (our gracious host), Todd Epp from South Dakota Watch, and Scott Ehrisman from South DaCola and a few new friends like Jackie from Sioux Falls Cartoonists and Rebecca from Flying Tomato  Farms.

Big thanks to Cory for the invite and to Rebecca and Cory for providing the kayaks. Not only did my daughters enjoy their first rides in a kayak, the now have a new request for Christmas.

P.S. I didn’t have my camera with me at the lake but hopefully Jackie will provide us with photos of Todd’s kayak ride which let’s just say was quite comical and ended up with him just a bit damp.

UPDATE 7/28:

As promised, here is Todd’s kayaking escapade with the pink kayak.

You should note that despite the spill, the hat from Todd’s mancrush Barack Obama didn’t leave his head.

Thanks to Jackie from Sioux Falls Cartoonists for the photos

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