Quick Hits 7-25-2008

I do not foresee this becoming a trend but again I have other issues that will be taking up my time today so here are a few things that caught my eye during the morning RSS feed read.

Dr Doolittle? – House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) believes that the drilling in ANWR and the subsequent pipelines needed to transport the oil will not affect wildlife. He believes that like the caribou herds near Prudhoe Bay, they will just decide that the oil fields “aren’t the place to be” and will just go somewhere else. (Looks like Eddie Murphy has some competion for the next Dr Doolittle movie)

They are both wrong – Yesterday I mentioned a new debate site that had advisers from both Obama and McCain camps debating their bosses economic plans. Today comes word that both plans would put us further into debt with McCain’s plan adding $5 trillion and Obama’s adding almost $3 trillion. (As I said before, another election is upon us where voting for the lessor of 2 evils will prevail)

What kind of Hall Of Fame is this? – Conservative wingnut James Dobson was voted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Putting aside my astonishment over the fact that he was even nominated, the people that he beat out has to call into question the integrity of the HOF itself. You see, Dobson beat out Bob Costas and Howard Stern for the “honor”.

I Want to Believe – I am not much of a movie goer as I usually wait till the DVD arrives on Netflix, but I will be hitting the theaters this weekend as a movie opens that I have been waiting for since the series ended in 2002. I am sure “The X-Files – I Want to Believe” will not rise to the level of the new Batman movie but is a guilty pleasure for me just the same.

Spamming is bad for your mental health? – Prolific “spam king” who made millions filling our inbox with viagra and porn offers escapes from jail in Colorado and then kills his wife and daughter before turning gun on himself.

Obama Flip FlipsAnd a local one – I must admit I agree with Mr Blanchard’s conclusion as to why Barack Obama isn’t crushing John McCain given all the political realities. I would suggest though that he get out of the utopia that is South Dakota before making statements concerning the perceived economic situation.

The economy is a problem. OK, it’s not really all that bad, by historical standards. Unemployment isn’t that high, the mortgage crisis hasn’t really hurt that many voters. Gas prices look high, but in constant dollars they have been worse before.

While historically our woes might not be bad, just ask the 1 in 171 folks nationwide whom have been foreclosed or that are currently in danger of being foreclosed that the mortgage crisis isn’t affecting voters. Or maybe ask those that didn’t go through the gas shortages of the 70’s if $4/gal gas isn’t devastating to their budgets (I’d bet those that did might agree as well). That said though if it isn’t his flip-flops, why is Obama only up 6 points in many recent polls considering all of McCain’s issues?

UPDATE: Just came across this – Dennis Kucinich finally gets his day in court so to speak as the House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on “Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations” (re:impeachment) that will allow Kuchinich to vent on his various impeachment resolutions. This will of course lead to nowhere considering the lack of backbone disease that afflicts most Democrats in Congress.

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