Quick Hits

I’ve been busy with the paying job lately plus have a few other things that I am working on so in the meantime I thought I would drop a few links to things that caught my eye during my morning RSS feed reading routine.

Desperation or just a pathetic attempt to grab headlines – As Barack Obama speaks in Berlin Germany, the RNC will be running ads for John McCain in Berlin as well to try and steal Obama’s thunder. (That would be Berlin, New Hampshire; Berlin, Pennsylvania; and Berlin, Wisconsin)

More excellent customer service from the cable company – Comcast takes 5 weeks, 3 visits, and 20 phone calls to figure out that the reason a customer wasn’t getting service was because they hadn’t run a line to his house. (and I thought GoldenWest was bad)

New online debate site – A newly minted online debate site called Opposing Views has campaign staffers from both the McCain and Obama camps discussing their bosses economic plans. (and no, Phil Gramm isn’t the McCain staffer)

Care for your pets after the Rapture – A Kansas City Atheist will care for your left behind pets after your soul leaves this world during the Rapture. (All for just a $50 deposit)

And finally a local one – As South Dakotans have no doubt heard, our lone rep in Congress, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is pregnant and like clockwork less than 24 hours later, one of our local righty bloggers has already asked if this will affect her stance on abortion. (but i’ll bet you guessed wrong as to which one asked first)

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