McCain To Vets: I Would Ration Your Heathcare

The self proclaimed pro-veteran candidate, John McCain, is again looking to stick it to the veterans he supposedly fights for. This time he wants to ration veteran heathcare by concentrating the VA’s efforts on those with combat injuries.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s call to “concentrate” veterans’ health care on those with combat injuries is raising questions about the Arizona senator’s commitment to funding the failing VA system.

Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., said a system that treats combat veterans and non-combat veterans differently is inherently unfair. “We can care for both combat veterans and non-combat veterans if we just decide it is an important thing to do,” Filner said Thursday, one day after McCain talked at a Dover, N.H., town hall meeting about the need to concentrate veterans’ health care on people with injuries that “are a direct result of combat.”

So McCain’s idea of being pro-vet is to further limit access to heathcare to veterans? Here’s an idea Senator McCain, instead of screwing over some veterans so that others can get the care they already deserve, why don’t you work to fix the system so that none of our veterans get left out?

Then again considering McCain’s voting record on veterans issues, this latest from him should come as no surprise.

UPDATE: Retired General Robert Gard poses a few questions for Senator McCain like which one of the “non combat related injuries” should we ignore? The thousands suffering from PTSD from repeated 15 month deployments in a combat zone? How about the 15% of women soldiers that have screened positive for military sexual trama?

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