For some reason I don’t think this movie will do well with the James Dobson or WorldNetDaily crowd but Bill Maher has a new documentary that puts Religion to the test.

Dubbed as an “uproarious nonfiction film about the greatest fiction ever told”, Religulous is a man on the street type documentary directed by Larry Charles of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame that has Maher exploring various world religions as he travels to numerous religious destinations, such as Jerusalem, the Vatican, and Salt Lake City, interviewing believers from a variety of backgrounds and groups.

Maher has also started his own parody website as part of the promotion for the movie that further satirizes various religious subjects and will surely cause some fireworks leading up to it’s October 3rd release.

I have the feeling that the back and forth banter over Ben Stein’s Expelled will pale in comparison with what is waiting for this movie.

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