So There!

Putting aside the mis-interpretation of my comments on the New Yorker cover, satire such as that done by the New Yorker is definitely a free speech issue no matter whether the audience gets it or not. With that said, free speech isn’t always free and the New Yorker is finding that out first hand.

Forty journalists, including such leading correspondents as Dan Balz of The Washington Post, will be aboard his plane for next week’s swing through Jordan, Israel, Germany, France and England.

The campaign received 200 requests for press seats on the plane.

Among those for whom there was no room was Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent of The New Yorker. The campaign, which was furious about the magazine’s satirical cover this week, cited space constraints in turning him away.

Childish retaliation or sweet revenge (or more likely the math)? I guess that depends on your perspective but one thing I do know, everybody gets the meaning this time around.

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