You Just Have To Love The Irony

I don’t know if the DNC realized the irony of this or not but less than a month after the Democrats in Congress capitulated on FISA, one of the chief benefactors of the bill just happens to become one of the prime sponsors of next month’s convention in Denver.

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald has the skinny on the primo AT&T swag that will be waiting for every delegate and media member when they arrive and adds his take on the NASCAResque turn of events in current day politics.

What’s most striking about the Convention bag — aside, of course, from its stunning design — is how the parties no longer bother even trying to hide who it is who funds and sponsors them. But — an earnest citizen might object — just because AT&T is helping to pay for the Democrats’ convention and having its logo plastered all over it the way a ranch owner brands his cattle doesn’t mean that they will receive any special consideration when it comes time for Congress to debate and pass our nation’s laws.

So where is the irony?

When President Bush signed the FISA Reform Act, the numerous lawsuits against AT&T for assisting the government in their previous illegal warrantless wiretaps pretty much went away potentially saving the telcom company $21,000 per affected person. The Democrats, including presumptive nominee Barack Obama changed course and voted for the immunity despite previous pledges to the contrary which pushed the bill over the top. Now all of a sudden the convention, which was having money issues with some talking about scaling down the event, has a new big time sponsor?

I’d say that this all sounds like a new topic for Oliver Stone to make into his next JFK type movie. But something this obvious wouldn’t need the master of conspiracy theories to connect the dots would it?

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