Good Corporate Citizens

Something to consider as the oilmen in the White House and the rest of the GOP continues their push for renewed offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

Remember that small little spill we had up North 20 years ago? Well the good corporate citizens from Exxon are still fighting about what their fair share of damages should be.

ExxonMobil has balked at paying $488 million in interest on punitive damages that plaintiffs say it owes for its role in the 1989 Prince William Sound oil spill in Alaska, saying “there is no good reason” for the Supreme Court to assess interest.

Interest question aside, one day they might actually even get around to paying the damages from the 1994 court judgement.

UPDATE: At least not all the news is bad for Exxon. The homophobic group Americans for Truth is recommending that you buy gas from Exxon because as they put it, Exxon “stood strong in NOT capitulating to homosexual activist lobby.” Unlike McDonalds whom is the current target of their anti-gay rhetoric.

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