Westboro At It Again

Fred Phelps and his homophobic Westboro Baptist Church are planning their next funeral picketing campaign and the target this time is former White House press secretary and Faux news talking head Tony Snow. Why is the Phelps brigade planning to protest at Snow’s funeral?

Apparently he was mean to them.

07/17/2008 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Alexandria, VA Christ Episcopal Church (Lepor Colony) 118 N. Washington St. Tony Snow (Press Secretary for 6 “B” George W. Bush) is dead, YES! He had a platform, he was given some small talent by his creator. He was an unfaithful steward, and is now residing in hell. Each opportunity he had to faithfully REport what the servants at WBC had to tell this country/world, Tony Snow besmerched and vilified the words of God and the people of God.

So now they are targeting those speak ill of them along with those that promote the homosexual agenda that are normally the target of their hate. If that’s true, they will be quite busy.

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