Didn't Get The Joke

Not surprisingly, the folks that the latest “New Yorker” cover was intended to satirize aren’t getting the joke.

If you listen to the artist responsible for the cover, it was supposed to poke fun at the portion of the population that still believe the far right mis-information campaign aimed at Barack Obama which included the long disproven claims that he is a Muslim and that Michelle Obama made the “whitey” comments.

Who exactly are the people the cover poked fun at? Unfortunately it’s not the media pundits that continue to allow these rumors to propagate with their “Osama” slips or by accentuating Obama’s middle name of ” Hussein” but instead it hits squarely on the people that will never get it. For example the readers over at WorldNetDaily. They have poll going currently that has 60 percent of those voting saying that “The image isn’t too far from the dangerous truth about the Obama family” with another 12 percent believing that it is at least partially correct. Bingo, i think we have a winner!

Of course The “New Yorker” is standing by their cover despite the condemnation that is coming pretty much from all sides including both the Obama and McCain campaign’s. They state that the satire was obvious and that their readership was smart enough to figure out the real meaning.

The problem with that logic of course is that while the “New Yorker’s” readers might be smart enough, as the WND poll shows, not everyone is a “New Yorker” kind of reader and all that cover has really done is put an image to the ridiculous beliefs of those who refuse to do even the most basic research and who probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

For better or worse the magazine cover did accomplished one thing, it got them several days of free publicity which will surely sell a few more magazines.

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