Good Luck

As D-day for the release of the iPhone 3G is now upon us, I wanted to wish good luck to all those waiting outside of their local Apple stores, I hope you aren’t stuck having to get a white one because the black ones have already sold out (we all know the black ones are so much cooler).

What’s that, you don’t have an Apple Store? No problem, then good luck at your local AT&T retailer.

What, you say there are none of those either?

Let’s see, no Apple Store and AT&T doesn’t provide service, where are you South Dakota?



Added Thoughts – Considering all 3 members of South Dakota’s Congressional delegation voted to give AT&T retroactive immunity in the recently signed FISA legislation, don’t you think it would only be fair for them to spend some of the millions that they will be saving in civil judgments and legal fees to build some infrastructure in South Dakota? I think our elected leaders scratched their back pretty well, how about returning the favor.

Evening Update: I’d say I felt sorry for the thousands who waited hours for their shiny new toys only to have Apple’s servers crash under the load not allowing them to activate, but then I would be lying.

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