McCain's Veteran Voting Record Not Very Veteran Like

If you question John McCain on why his military experience qualifies him to run the country as he likes to assert, you get everything from righteous indignation to outright changing of the subject. No matter which reaction he gives you, his surrogates come to the rescue by playing the hero card while at the same time calling the questioner’s patriotism into question.

Unfortunately for McCain, his bait and switch tactic hasn’t stopped the questioning which has started to bleed over to his lack of support for veterans. Now not only is he ignoring the tough questions about his experience, he has had to resort to lying in an attempt to preserve his veteran friendly resume as well. The latest lie fest occurred earlier this week at a town hall in Denver where a real live veteran of all people had the audacity to question McCain’s support of veterans healthcare.

McCain: “I don’t know what bill you’re referring to…and I’ll be glad to have you refer to it. The reason why I have a perfect voting record from organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion and all the other veterans’ service organizations is because I support them.”

And when further called out on this McCain added: (emphasis mine)

“I thank you and I’d be glad to examine what your version of my record is. Again, I’ve been endorsed in every election by all of the veterans’ organizations that do that. I’ve been supported by them and received the highest awards from all of those organizations, so I guess they don’t know something you know. I thank you very much and I will continue to be proud of my support for the veterans of this country.”

Excuse me, his version of McCain’s record!? Let’s look at McCain’s veterans report card as reported by the veterans groups themselves and not some John McCain fantasy to see just how much he supports those of us that have served. Why don’t we start with the just passed GI Bill.

While George Bush made sure to thank McCain’s efforts getting this passed, McCain not only didn’t support this bill, he was a vocal opponent of the legislation from day one refusing to sponsor the bill and then had such high regard for it that he didn’t even bother showing up to vote when it passed. How’s that for support?

Ok so maybe the GI bill was just a minor blip. After all even George Bush, the man that has done more to increase the number of combat veterans since Lyndon Johnson didn’t like the bill either, so how do real life veterans groups rate McCain’s veteran voting record?

  1. IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America) – John McCain “D”
  2. Vietnam Veterans Of America (McCain is one of course) – He voted against them 17 out of their last 26 scored votes
  3. DAV (Disabled American Veterans) – John McCain has a 20% rating

So Mr McCain despite your claims to the contrary, you are not pro-veteran and any claim you make to that effect is an out and out lie. And while Barack Obama hasn’t played the pro-veteran card like you consistently do, he did feel it was important enough to show up and vote to pass the 21st century GI Bill and his score card from the same veterans groups paints a slightly different picture:

  1. IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America) – Barack Obama “B+”
  2. Vietnam Veterans Of America – He voted for them all but 1 time.
  3. DAV – Barack Obama has an 80% rating

So who exactly is the pro-veteran candidate again? I will give you a hint, it isn’t the one that likes to play the veteran card.

Labor union veterans have figured that out and one day maybe even the MSM will as well. But then again if they call him out on it they might lose their seat on the “Straight Talk Express” so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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