If You Thought Flying Was A Pain Before…

Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. has patented a new bracelet that acts like a stun gun and is now lobbying the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to have them used for aviation security.

The Electronic ID Bracelet, as it’s referred to, would be worn by every traveler “until they disembark the flight at their destination.” Yes, you read that correctly. Every airline passenger would be tracked by a government-funded GPS, containing personal, private and confidential information, and would shock the customer worse than an electronic dog collar if the passenger got out of line.

Clearly the Electronic ID Bracelet is a euphemism for the EMD Safety Bracelet, or at least it has a nefarious hidden ability (thus the term ID Bracelet is ambiguous at best). EMD stands for Electro-Musclar Disruption. Again, according to the promotional video, the bracelet can completely immobilize the wearer for several minutes.

And if that description isn’t scary enough, the DHS is actually interested in using these shock collar type devices

“To make it clear, we [the federal government] are interested in . . . the immobilizing security bracelet, and look forward to receiving a written proposal.”

The company’s promotional video:

Why not make things even easier, how about just drugging everybody before taking off?

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