The Capitulation Is Complete

After earlier today soundly defeating all 3 amendments that would have pulled telcom immunity from the FISA Reform bill, the Senate passed President Bush’s get out of jail free card 69-28. Joining Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who last month voted to pass this legislation in the House with 6,000 in telecom money in her bank account is John Thune whom earned a $7,000 “payout” from the same sources.

Not letting South Dakota’s other elected official off the hook, Tim Johnson voted twice against amendments that would have pulled telcom immunity out of the bill. He then put the final nail in the Constitutional coffin when he joined Thune and voted to pass the final bill.

And finally topping off the Democratic capitulation, as promised earlier despite the outrage displayed on his own campaign site, the Obamasiah completed his flip flop by first not filibustering as promised and then by voting to pass the bill.

All and all an historic day in South Dakota politics. 100% of our Congressional delegation has voted to repeal portions of the 4th Amendment meaning that the large telcoms no longer have to worry about being punished for breaking the law and some of your emails and telephone calls can now be monitored by the government without warrants or probable cause.

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