Definition Of Hypocrisy

Isn’t it ironic that the man that has been absent for over 60 percent of the votes in the Senate so far this year is calling out his colleagues for going out for their 4th of July recess before passing the housing bill.

McCAIN: 80-some percent of the American people think the country’s on the wrong track. Approval ratings of Congress — I saw one poll, 12 percent, the lowest in 40 years they’ve been taking these polls.

And meanwhile, what’s the answer? Go out on a Fourth of July recess without passing a housing bill.

I mean, look, Americans are fed up, and I understand it.

Adding to the irony as Think Progress notes, McCain has been absent for all six of the Senate votes held so far on this legislation.

UPDATE: McCain continues ripping his opponent despite not voting himself. This time he is giving Obama the business for flip flopping on FISA. Obama completed that flip flop by voting to pass FISA this afternoon. And McCain? He of course was a no show for another vote. At least he can’t be criticised for voting for the removal of our Constitutional rights…

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