Busiest Tourist Weekend?

I read this on KELO a few days ago but something struck me as just not right. The article discusses how the 4th of July holiday weekend was expected to bring in around 100,000 tourists to South Dakota’s Black Hills and is the busiest weekend of the year for the area’s tourism season.

Bill Honerkamp of the Black Hills, Badlands, and Lakes Association says this weekend is the busiest time of the year for the Black Hills tourism industry.

Busiest weekend? Is Mr Honerkamp forgetting this event that has been happening every August in the Black Hills since 1938? It only just about doubles the population of the state and encompasses several weekends.

Average Rally attendance is in the hundreds of thousands, with the largest estimated attendance of more than 600,000 cruising in for the 60th Anniversary in 2000. Attend the Rally once, and it becomes clear why this slightly out-of-the-way place has become a mandatory destination for so many motorcyclists.

Or maybe it is just a biker thing…not quite the family oriented event that the tourism board likes to promote in the press is it?

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