Wesley Clark's Mission Accomplished?

I questioned along with General Wesley Clark a few days ago whether John McCain’s military experience gave him the qualifications needed to run this country. Many on the right went ballistic trying to spin General Clark’s comments as some sort of liberal plot by Obama surrogates to smear McCain’s war record or as some sort of attempt to question his patriotism while still others flipped that around and tried to change the focus to Barack Obama’s experience level or lack thereof (which is a given but not an Obama talking point).

While McCain has been deflecting the question with the feigned outrage by him and his supporters, you would think that sooner or later he would actually have to come up with an answer to that the question considering his perceived years of experience is the cornerstone of his campaign. If you thought he and his staff would have come up with something by now…you would be wrong.

Yesterday, John McCain was asked basically the same question by a brave reporter at ABC News. The reporter, not falling for the hysterics and mock-outrage of the McCain camp over General Wesley Clark’s comments simply asked what John McCain’s experiences in Vietnam did to prepare him to lead the largest military on the face of the earth.

McCain’s response?

“Please,” he said, recoiling back in his seat in distaste at the very question.

So while Clark’s comments have been called into question, it appears they have had the intended effect. We have gotten a lot of excuses and hot air from the McCain camp but not one legitimate answer to an important question.

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