Can We Be So Lucky?

Yesterday I wrote on how “24” president and insurance pitchman Dennis Haysbert actually thinks that his portrayal of the first black president on the popular series has helped open the door for Barack Obama’s run at the White House. Today I come across this juicy tidbit over at Huffington Post about another Hollywood type injecting their “fame” into politics. It seems the Baldwin brother with the least amount of talent, Stephen, is threatening to leave the country if Barack Obama wins the election.

the actor tells Laura Ingraham, after saying that he will leave the country if Obama wins. He went on to criticize Obama’s “change” platform and reaffirm his support for John McCain.

So if Obama wins we don’t have to put up with anymore horrible “B” movies and reality shows from the “born again” hypocrite that preaches moral values while in the same breath recounting stories of his escapades with prostitutes?

“Stephen spent half his time talking about religion and the other half talking about sleeping with hookers in Vegas. Make your mind up, mate.”

As if we needed another reason for Obama to win this fall…

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