Does being A POW Qualify You For Being President?

Former 4 star general Wesley Clark doesn’t think that being shot down and being a POW qualifies as national security or leadership experience and now the wingnuts as well as the political correctness police are going crazy.

Wesley Clark Demeans McCain’s Military Service

Heck, even Barack Obama is distancing himself from Clark’s comments but the question remains, what part of that is demeaning to McCain, and more importantly what part of that is incorrect? Yes, McCain is a hero and all that (heck he makes sure to remind us of that daily) but what has McCain done that makes him a foreign policy genius or that qualifies him to be the leader of the free world more than Obama? Obama himself is not brimming with experience in either capacity himself, but neither is he campaigning as if he did.

So when Clark, a former NATO commander, questions McCain’s claims, he might just have a point and maybe the outrage coming from McCain’s supporters is more about a nerve being struck than outrage over the non-existent dissing of his patriotism?

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