He Was Against It Before He Was For It.

Now that the Jim Webb sponsored GI Bill passed the Senate by a whopping 92-6, Mr. pro military, John McCain, has changed his tune and is claiming credit for the bill that drastically increases the educational benefits for those that serve.

McCain’s comments on the bill passing the Senate.

With the addition of the transferability provisions sought by Senators Graham, Burr, myself and others to give service members the right to transfer earned G.I. Bill benefits to spouses and children, we will have achieved in offering vastly improved educational benefit while also offering incentives for continued service by the most capable, experienced NCO’s and officers.

Now besides being totally hypocritical by praising the bill considering he was one of the most vocal critics of it while it was being debated, his taking any credit for it’s passage despite the fact that the vote happened to be one of the 367 votes he has missed since his campaign hit full stride in April is almost comical.

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