It's Good To Be The Queen

Is politics really this easy? For Stephanie Herseth Sandlin it appears so if what Badlands Blue is reporting is true.

Following on the heels of the train wreck that was Bruce Whalen’s run for the House 2 years ago, Herseth Sandlin’s current challenger’s campaign doesn’t seem to much of a well oiled machine either.

In short, all of this raises some pretty serious questions about the state of the Lien campaign. For starters, does Lien currently have a campaign manager? If Weber is still there, why did he change his LinkedIn Profile? Did Lien fire Hugh Weber over the false press release he sent out attacking Stephanie Herseth Sandlin? Did he fire him for another reason? Is Chris Lien talking to Lee Breard, the political hack who falsely accused Herseth Sandlin of being impregnated by her Chief of Staff? Is this a sign of the kind of campaign we can expect from Lien? Sounds like the Lien campaign might be in a bit of a mess. Stay tuned…

What makes this even more funny is the rumor that Lowell is floating that Lee Breard might actually be considered to replace Hugh Weber as Lien’s campaign manager. Besides his current affiliation with the secretive open government campaign that PP over at the War College is harping on, Breard’s forwarding the rumor of the mystical Ajay Bruno/Wikipedia Herseth Sandlin secret pregnancy non-story back in 2006 was a traffic generating boon for this site to which I am still seeing the benefits of 2 years later.

It appears, at least to this point, that for the second straight House campaign, it will be good to be “Queen” Stephanie.

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