A Bit Late For Pandering?

It’s baaack! After a short break, Republican’s in Congress, anxious to put some life back in their disillusioned base, have re-introduced the “let’s f*** over the gays act” otherwise known as the Federal Marriage Amendment. While seeing this piece of discriminatory legislation put back in play just in time for the election is predictable, after all the Religious Right has no where to focus their energy with McCain winning the nomination, some of the sponsors really put a capital “H” on the term hypocrisy even in right wing circles.

Nothing says let’s protect the sanctity of marriage than being sponsored by 2 of the right wing’s most infamous married guys, “let’s get me some hookers” David Vitter (R-La) and toe tappin bathroom gay soliciting Larry Craig (R-Idaho). Sounds like a who’s who of disfunction to me and probably not someone the Religious Reich would want as a face of their latest crusade but then again I would imagine that the Dobson crew is happy just to be back in play again.

As an aside, I did notice one sponsor that ought to make the South Dakota Reich Wingers happy, our own John Thune has attached his name to this fine piece of discrimination along side his above mentioned Senate colleagues Vitter and Craig.

<sarcasm>Way to go John, I am so proud to be one of your constituents. </sarcasm>

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