Another Liberal Conspiracy

MTV has announced that they will be doing something they haven’t done since their inception in 1981. Starting this summer the music network will accept political advertising for the first time.

“MTV Networks will accept political advertising that is national in scope, sponsored by a legally qualified candidate, a candidate’s official campaign committee, a nationally recognized political party, or the official congressional campaign committee(s) of a nationally recognized party.”

And as expected it didn’t take long to put a partisan spin on the decision.

Shock: MTV Lifts Ban on Political Advertising for First Time in Outlet’s History

Coincedentally, um, coinciding with Barack Obama’s youth-powered run at the presidency.

Why, one would almost begin to imagine that perhaps the media supports Obama or something.

Um, and other than the fact that no one watching that network has a grandparent as old him, McCain couldn’t buy ads why?

Putting that non-issue aside, if you really wanted to look into conspiracies over at MTV, maybe someone could look into why the music network doesn’t play music anymore…

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