That is the number of Senators that stood up and voted to kill the FISA bill during a Cloture vote this evening that ended up 80-15 in favor of Cloture. Expect the bill to pass the Senate tomorrow afternoon or early evening giving George Bush his desired Carte Blanche to continue spying and letting AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc. off the hook for their complicity in the illegal program.

No word on which way Barack Obama or Tim Johnson voted yet but I doubt Badlands Blue will be releasing one of Johnson’s patented press releases praising his position after tomorrow’s vote.

UPDATE: 8:35 CST – As expected Tim Johnson voted for Cloture while Obama wimped out as did Hillary Clinton and John McCain. They didn’t show up to put their Cloture votes on record. Now comes all the grandstanding and motions to remove immunity and other provisions that will not go anywhere. Finally, we will get to see if Barack Obama breaks his promise or not.

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