Ohio Science Teacher Fired

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A science teacher who taught that carbon dating was unreliable as an excuse to argue against evolution was recently fired in Ohio. On the surface the guy seems to be well respected, at least according to a friend that was interviewed:

I believe John Freshwater is teaching the values of the parents in the Mount Vernon school district,” he told The Columbus Dispatch for a story published Friday.

Well ok, a great guy except for that one minor issue:

Freshwater used a science tool known as a high-frequency generator to burn images of a cross on students’ arms in December

Despite that, the school district outside of Columbus actually tried to keep this guy employed despite numerous staff complaints over his preaching his Christian beliefs but couldn’t because he was only certified in science. So what would have been the last straw if he had other certifications, performing a crucifiction?

UPDATE: The actual Columbus Dispatch story has more on this including a photo of what Freshwater’s attorney called an “x” and not a cross (is he looking at the same photo?) and more on the friend whom was interviewed and defended Freshwater

Daubenmire is a former London High School football coach whose district was sued in 1999 by the American Civil Liberties Union because he led his players in prayer at games, practices and meetings.

The Columbus Dispatch article also lets us in on a few more of Freshwater’s ideas of classroom procedures

– Discrediting evolution in his classroom and focusing on creationism and intelligent design
– Preaching his Christian beliefs in class and slamming scientific theories
– Telling his class that homosexuality is a sin
– Keeping a bible and other religious material in his classroom

Sounds like this guy would be the perfect teacher if some of our local bloggers had their way…

UPDATE 2: That didn’t take long, the blog in question is already coming to the teacher’s defense and even suggesting that what he did was just fine.

One student complained about “branding with a cross” out of how many? Slight reddening of the skin hardly amounts to “branding.” I’d be interested to know how many tattoos and/or piercings this poor child has endured.

So there you have it, just because a kid may or may not have a piercing or tattoo, having a teacher burn a cross in their arm is no big deal. I wonder if the teacher had burned “666” or some anti-religious symbol on the childs arm if they would have been so forgiving. Nothing if not predictable.

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