The Candidate's Wives

Michelle Obama has been in the middle of most of the hubbub involving the candidate’s other halves so far. From the non-existent “Whitey” tape to “terrorist” fist pumping with her husband to questions about her patriotism, she has been keeping the media and blogs busy. While all this has been going on, the other wife, Cindy McCain, has been somewhat out of the spotlight (other than providing her hubby with deeply discounted plane use, secret tax returns, and being the other woman when McCain dumped his first wife). Not anymore.

In just now breaking news, it looks like Mrs. McCain has been outed in a very serious scandal that could wreck her husband’s campaign. According to the blog Meaningful Distraction, she lifted someone’s recipe and had it published as her own in a Family Circle Magazine recipe contest against Michelle Obama. Oh the humanity…

Yes my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek.

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