My Bad

This is kind of ironic. A big time Conservative blog that is spending much of its time lately “outing” the supposedly anti-semitic community blogs on Barack Obama’s official site gets duped into linking to a porn site in the process.

First Little Green Footballs rips the Obama internet crew for allowing their new “Fight the Smears” website to get hacked.

Amateurish beyond belief.

On its very first day online, the Barack Obama “Fight the Smears” web site has been pwned.

Then shortly thereafter they realize that the site they at first thought was a hacked Obama site was in fact a parody site and that they fallen hook line and sinker for the switch, but of course they still managed to blame Obama.

I didn’t notice that the address of this site is FightTheSmears.ORG, not .COM … this is a parody site. But it’s no less amateurish — because what happened is that the Obama campaign’s web people forgot to register the .org domain. Another beginner’s mistake.

Oops, but once they realized that they took down the link right? Oops again and this time the parody webmaster did a quick change and for over an hour one of the most popular Conservative hate sites was linking to a crafty pornographer

You’ve all Been RickRolled by XCLUSIVE this is just a small example of how the mainstream media is slacking. It’s a shame the lack of research that goes on these days. You would think every link being a RickRoll would be a clue that it wasn’t genuine. Start to think for yourselves and remember knowledge is power so stop being SHEEP.

Yeah i’m a dirty pornographer and proud of it. You will be seeing more of Xclusive in the future I can promise you that.

Of course I didn’t link directly to the site but I am sure with the quotes above you can figure out the URL and if you want to check out the real Obama “Fight the Smears” site, you can click here.

So who’s the amateur again?

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