Hillary Supporters On The Loose

The Democrats just concluded a long and hard fought contest for their nomination for President this fall. Along the way it appears some had their feelings hurt and one Hillary Clinton supporter in particular has taken it to new heights.

Self proclaimed “life long” Democrat Ed Hale is angry and he isn’t going to take it anymore in regards to the process that gave Barack Obama the nomination and he has started a grassroots organization that seeks to make the DNC and Barack Obama pay for cheating his beloved Hillary.

They have treated Hillary Clinton worst than I would treat a mad dog. This site is up to get like minded people to join so if they do go ahead and nominate Obama, we will be ready to make sure that he never goes to the White House. If Hillary get the nomination, then I will be leading the charge for her.

Bad spelling and just downright unprofessional website aside (hey Ed, WordPress is free and comes with lots of template choices), how does Hale seek to punish us for our transgressions? He wants all Hillary supporters to put their support behind the candidate that represents the complete opposite of what Clinton stands for, Republican nominee John McCain.

That will teach us, instead of supporting the candidate with virtually the same platform as your gal, you instead will work to put us in the same boat that we have been in for the last 8 years.

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