Minot Fallout

Last week I wondered out loud about who was running the circus that is the nuclear weapons handling for the Air Force after an announced nuclear inspection at Minot Air Force Base failed miserably less than a year after the same base allowed nuclear tipped cruise missiles to fly across the country unnoticed.

Today we found out .

The Air Force’s senior civilian official and its highest-ranking general were ousted by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on Thursday following an official inquiry into the mishandling of nuclear weapons and components, an episode that Mr. Gates called an indication of systemic problems in the Air Force.

The Air Force secretary, Michael W. Wynne, and the service’s chief of staff, Gen. T. Michael Moseley, were forced to resign after the inquiry found that the latest incident reflected “a pattern of poor performance” in securing sensitive military components, Mr. Gates said at a Pentagon briefing.

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