What Clinton's South Dakota Victory Shows

Continuing my theme of wondering out loud what each primary means. What does Hillary’s final splash in South Dakota mean? Unlike the landslide victories she had of late in Kentucky and West Virginia, race wasn’t the big story. What was?
– A Clinton in the state every day for a week works, especially when your opponent has already moved on to campaigning in states that matter in the general election.
– ARG’s reputation for horrible polling was again earned. They got the correct winner but missed just about everything else, by a mile…
– As much as we would have liked to believe it, our “last in the nation” primary had little if any effect of the nomination process. But heck, at least this time we felt like it did.
– Hillary Clinton has a hard time facing reality. Despite Obama having the delegate numbers needed to get the nomination, she has so far refused to acknowledge that fact.
– A frighteningly large number of Hillary supporters also cannot face reality. Some are still calling for her to continue lobbying the super delegates and take the fight all the way to the convention. Many of these same so-called “Democrats” would also rather vote for John McCain in the general election than vote for Obama (see exit polls from Kentucky and West Virginia).
– John McCain’s speech writing leaves much to be desired. The speech he gave last night as the polls closed here in an attempt to steal some of the thunder from the Democrats was laughable. He better improve on that quickly if he wants to have a chance against the silver tongued Barack Obama.
With our contest last night, primary season is officially over and unless you are one of the Hillary supporters mentioned above, it is time to head on to the convention and then general election. It also means that South Dakota’s moment in the political limelight has likely passed for another few decades (if we had a moment at all). Will we see anything like this before the general election? I would have to venture a guess and say no so I hope you enjoyed it.
But then again who knows, maybe Obama or McCain will decide to go pheasant hunting this October and schedule a rally here so that they can charge the travel to the campaign…or not.

UPDATE: Wow, talk about those unwilling to face reality. These folks are not only still rallying behind Hillary and urging her to take it all the way to Denver, they are calling for Obama to concede!?

McCain might have lost the Religious Right vote but it appears he will be making that loss up by gaining the wacky left.

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