Live Blogging The Early Results

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The polls have closed and the results are coming in. I will be commenting on some of the bigger races as the numbers come in so feel free to stop by throughout the evening.

8:00pm – First off, you got to hand it to John McSame, he ensured that his speech went through the top of the hour to steal some of the thunder of Barack Obama being declared as the presumptive nominee (by NBC/MSNBC at least).

8:10pm – Early results have Hillary up on Barack 56-44%, Joel Dykstra way up on both Sam Kephardt and Charles Gonyo 66-24-10% in the race to get beat by Tim Johnson, The Union County Hyperion zoning referendum is also going down early 76-24% and of interest to those familiar with the blogosphere, Pat Powers of SDWC fame is down big 82-18% in his attempt to get the GOP nod for District 7 State Senate.

8:22PM – With 19% of the vote counted, MSNBC is calling South Dakota for Hillary Clinton

8:30pm – While not the huge landslide that the ARG poll suggested (26%), Hillary is going to get a pretty huge victory here as she is currently at +12% with almost a quarter of the votes counted.

Hillary is getting ready to speak, I am sure she will focus on her win here but will she reveal anything about her future?

8:45pm – 15 minutes in to her speech, Hillary still clinging to her I am the strongest candidate theme as well as the 18 million votes cast for her during the primaries. What’s missing? So far nothing even coming close to acknowledging the fact that Obama has reached 2118 and is now the presumptive nominee.

Pat Powers is still way down 78-22% with almost 25% of the precincts counted in District 7.

8:50pm – Hillary: “Where do we go from here?” Sorry, no news on that tonight.

9:00pm – The Hyperion re-zoning referendum is coming back, it is now up 50-49% with just under 50% reporting.

9:18pm – Barack Obama is now just getting started on his presumptive nominee victory speech in Minnesota. Most networks are calling Montana for Obama, and Hillary is maintaining her 12% gap.

The fat lady is singing on Pat Powers run for the state senate, he is down over 40 points to Orv Smidt with 50% counted and the Hyperion re-zoning is going to go down to the wire, as of now it back down 53-47%.

As far as the GOP sacrificial lamb nomination for the Senate, I think it is safe to say that Joel Dykstra has it pretty much in hand with a huge lead at the halfway point.

9:55pm – Closing things out for the evening, Hillary wins by double digits, Dykstra earns the right to get beat in November though mysteriously 10% of the GOP voters voted for the myopic isolationist Charles Gonyo, Pat Powers can safely go back to blogging, and the Hyperion oil refinery re-zoning referendum is still too close to call thought at this moment it is winning (UPDATE 6/4: It won going away 58-42%).

More tomorrow.

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