Clinton Going All The Way?

There was some thought that the announcement that Hillary was letting some of her advance staff go was a precursor to her quitting the race. Upon hearing that I figured Hillary was looking for one last fling in today’s primaries so that she could go out with a victory. If what Politico’s Ben Smith is reporting though is true, quitting could be the farthest thing from her mind.

A Clinton donor tells me that on a conference call today with major
fundraisers this afternoon, Harold Ickes told them Clinton isn’t
planning to drop out. He pressed donors to stay unified, and reviewed
tactical options, including challenging the Michigan delegation.

State finance committees are also circulating letters to deliver to
Clinton tomorrow in New York, and I’ve obtained a draft of the Illinois
finance committee’s letter, being circulated by a Clinton fundraising
aide, Rafi Jafri, which stresses a fight until the convention, and a
resolution in “August, and no earlier.”

Would Hillary be committing political suicide and handing the GOP the White House at the same time? Stay tuned as this could get ugly.

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